Artist of the week: Blaine Kearns, senior

Lasirra Hines, Entertainment Editor

What got you into ceramics?

I just happened to be in there in the right time, at the right place. My ceramics teacher [at] my old school taught my art foundation and I just got in because I enjoyed being in his class.


What do you like most about the class?

I like the freedom that I have in it to do what I want, and Mrs. [Sara] Rempel is also really laid back but I guess that would go along with the freedom.  I just like the vibe of the class and the atmosphere.


Are there any pieces you are most proud of?

I really like this vase I made and I glazed it white and I put these little like, kind of hash-like or crochet marks on it in blue, I really like that one. 


Do you plan on doing anything like this later on?

I would love to keep up doing ceramics. I want to go to school for graphic design, but yeah I would love to keep ceramics as a hobby.


Is there anything else about ceramics that you really enjoy?

I just like the ease of it. It’s not anything 2D where if you screw up, you screw up, you kind of go back and forth. At the end of the day, it’s just mud, you know, so no need to cry about mud.


Is there anything that you have achieved within doing class?

I have gotten better at throwing flower vases, and that was kind of my end goal so I’m happy with that.