Winning Wednesdays beneficial for academic success

Jordyn West, Takeover Trending Editor

At the Boys and Girls Club on Wednesday nights in 7-12th grade, students can go here and get homework help.

Alyssa Baquero is the director of clubhouse services at BGC. She is also a teen director and manages the teen events that happen at BGC. 

“I help them with their academic success and future preparation,” Baquero said. 

At teen nights, and when helping with the teen services, she also helps the students become responsible citizens. 

“We provide a place where teens can also succeed academically and create healthy lifestyles,” Baquero said.

“Winning Wednesday was started–  of course during the pandemic because we moved into that hybrid schedule,” Baquero said. 

Kids were – and still are – struggling when it comes to school and dealing with the hybrid schedule. Winning Wednesdays was created to produce a positive, motivating and helpful space so students could get their work done. 

“We decided to open up the building more to focus and get some work done and to let the students get tutored by different people that work at the Boys and Girls Club,” Baquero said. 

They also provide meals for the students.

 “ We also provide dinners and lunches,” Baquero said.

“It was just kind of a program that started kind of with the mentality of just kind of keeping teens involved and getting the resources and help that they needed with everything going on this year,” Baquero said.

Another person who has a big role in this activity is Michelle Briggs. She is a unit director at BGC. She mentors the youth and makes sure that programs are running smoothly. 

“The goal of Winning Wednesdays is to provide a time away from home where teens can see their friends that they might not be able to see  due to the A and B schedule.” Briggs said.

Even though the year has been difficult, there are ways to make it a little bit easier.