Online Editor

Rose Ried, Takeover Editor-in-Chief

Getting extra time for creativity and access to specific arts materials was the purpose of a new group started by two Manhattan High art students last semester. Now, they are joined twice a week by more students who want to get their hands dirty — literally — making art. 

Sophomore Zoe Kyle and senior Jeffrey Jones began the group they call Clay Club in an effort to let students work on their creative projects outside of school hours. The group meets on Mondays and Fridays in Sara Rempel’s ceramics classroom, D100. 

“I kind of just enjoy hanging out with my friends a little bit after school and working on something I enjoy a lot,” Kyle said. “I get, like, extra time to throw [clay] and…just being around clay is relaxing.”

Both Rempel and Kyle described the clay club as a place for students to come and enjoy themselves, create their projects and communicate ideas with one another. 

Next semester, Rempel hopes to have a graduate student from Kansas State University join the Clay Club for a meeting. 

“If she can come in, she’s going to demonstrate how to throw big pieces,” Rempel said. “If she can’t come in, she’s going to do a Zoom, which won’t be as cool, but at least we’ll be able to ask her questions and watch her throw.”

Getting to interact with students who have a true interest in clay is one of Rempel’s favorite things about Clay Club

“You know…it’s hard to find a group of people that you can brainstorm with and have ideas, and they actually understand what you’re talking about,” Rempel said.