Artist of the Week – Emily Ward, senior

Lasirra Hines , Entertainment Editor

What arts are you in?

I am in Orchestra and Choir. Cello in Chamber Orchestra, Fourth Chair. Alto 2 in Choir


How did the KMEA auditions go?

It was good, it was online this year. We sent in recordings, and personally I like that better, didn’t have nerves you normally get every year, so I felt much more confident in my audition and it paid off.


What got you into choir?

Both of my parents are singers. My dad has been a choral conductor forever and my mom sang in high school and in our church choir. So growing up I always sang in choir, and I just kept doing it, it’s my favorite hobby. 


Have there been any achievements in choir that you have had?

There’s been a lot. I’ve done the summer choral institute at K-State twice. I’ve been in the southwest American Choral Directors Association Conference twice. I did All-State when I was in like eight grade and when I was in fifth grade. I’ve sung at Solo and Ensemble, not last year because of the pandemic, but the year before and I got I ratings. I sang in the musical last year. So I’ve done quite a bit.


What or who got you to join Choir?

It was probably a lot of people. I had close friends who were in it, and I didn’t do Choir here my freshman year. I was taking some other electives and I just didn’t really have time, and I was in the Community Children’s Choir. That was kind of my filling time then, but when I got to sophomore year and I was able to be in Chamber, I decided to audition, and I went to Mr. [Chad] Pape a couple hours before school got out and asked him if I could, and he said I could, and I got it and I’ve really loved it ever since.


Do you plan on continuing to do it later on in the future?

Yes I’m to be a vocal minor in college, or at least sing in a choir for sure.