Students should be allowed to watch Inauguration

Taryn Robinson, Opinions Editor

Inauguration Day had many students anxious to watch as President Joseph R. Biden was sworn into office.

While students at Manhattan High watched inauguration coverage in various classes throughout the day, some other schools around the country banned watching the inauguration. Therefore, the Mentor Editorial Board agrees that students and teachers should be given the option to watch the inauguration in the future.

The Inauguration began at 10 a.m. CDE on Wednesday, which is during the school day. While not all students have a class during that time that focuses on politics or history, teachers and students should be given the option to watch the live event in class. This event is a part of this nation’s history and it is important for everyone to tune in.

As it is most beneficial to watch this inauguration and all inaugurations to come, there is one possible downside: in the current polarized political climate, discussion of the event could potentially become contentious. This is something that teachers want to avoid and it could easily be that way. However, students could simply watch the event, talk amongst themselves and state their opinions while understanding their peers’ views as well.

Many students view school as a place away from arguments and debates about politics. It is very common for students to become defensive about their opinions, especially when someone that supports the opposite party strongly disagrees with them. While it is good to be firm in your beliefs, it’s also important to learn where other people stand as well. Being considerate of your peers’ opinions are important when wanting to gain respect for your opinion and where you stand. Bringing about the viewing of inaugurations and other viewings of other national events similar to it will be good exposure and learning points for students.

It is also very common for students to share the same opinions as their parents, as it is what they’re exposed to the most. They watch the same channels that agree with their opinion and shame any other channel that says anything different. If students were exposed to other opinions and saw both sides and representatives of those parties, their narrow vision might widen.

School has always been a place to learn and grow as students. Teachers always talk about preparing students for the future, outside of school. This is a huge part of this generation’s future, along with every other generation in this country. If schools take this learning opportunity away from students, they will never be aware of what’s happening outside school walls.