Current amount of school is unneeded

Koston Peterson, Podcast Editor

The current amount of school that have to attend is unneeded, as it tires them out.

Going to school five seven-hour days a week is unnecessary. I believe students could still accomplish the same academic goals if we lowered it to a little less time throughout the day, having only four-day school weeks or keeping the hybrid model that the pandemic brought to us.

Going to school for a less amount of time throughout the day could prove be beneficial. 

It’d give students who get burnt out easily more time to rest and give more energy to school then they would regularly. Rather than getting burned out as the week progresses and having low energy levels, students could keep up their energy on a moderate level and improve overall on both grades and attendance. As students would be required to go to school less than they are now, they would be more inclined to stay at least a little longer and skip less. Schools would also have several options of how to implement it as they could shorten the school day or start later, which would give the schools a more flexible environment.

From teachers to students alike I hear that having a smaller school week by shortening it by a day would be beneficial. One variation of this plan in action would be If we gave up a school day on Wednesday and replaced it with a study hall day at home for students and a plan day for teachers at school. That’d give teachers a midweek day to prepare lesson plans for the following two days and it’d give students time to either do what school work they have so they stay on top of their work or just time to relax, so they can then come back for the rest of the week feeling fully charged. Furthermore it’d save the school money on transportation and food, which could be allocated elsewhere for a better overall school experience. Overall the four-day-a-week school would prove beneficial to all parties involved.

If we just lowered the amount of school for both teachers and students it’d prove beneficial with less work for students, more time to plan for teachers, improved attendance and cost savings. It’s a benefit for everyone, so why not consider it and let teachers and administrators know if you agree.