SADD breaks seat belt pledge record again

Julianna Poe, Trending Editor

For the second time this school year, Students Against Destructive Violence set a new record for seat belt pledge turnout, bringing the total from roughly 891 during Red Ribbon Week to about 1,098.

“It feels really good to know that we’ve engaged with the … school community the way that we have,” senior Hannah Humes, co-president, said. “The process that we went through has [made it] easier for other people to engage.”

According to senior Taylor Claussen, co-president, SADD expects this number to continue to rise due to the administration of pledges via QR code in Advisory instead of during lunch.

“I feel like it’s easier to connect with people the way we’re doing it now and easier to get their attention,” Claussen said.

In addition to increased involvement, according to Humes, her favorite part of the pledge is meeting new people when giving out gift cards to the pledge winners.

“I’m really happy that we’re able to connect with the students,” Humes said. “Last time we [conducted a pledge], I got to meet new people that I hadn’t met before when I delivered the gift cards, so that’s always really fun.”

At the end of the day, SADD hopes students understand the meaning of their pledge as well as abide by it.

“We’re trying to help people want to make good decisions,” Claussen said. “It’s always our hope that they’re taking this seriously and following the pledge that they’re making.”

Last Thursday, SADD announced the 25 winners across students and staff. The following people will each receive a $25 gift card to places around Manhattan: freshmen Jarett Johnson, Christopher Shanklin, Kendra Klym, Michael Jund, Ryker Woods and Isa Davila; sophomores Justin Cook, Jazmyn Lowery, Tate Hoover, Ian Kastner, Hailey Beckman, Annabelle Jung, Sam Reader and Luke Paquette; juniors Brayden Sanneman, Aubrey Strother, Jecca Park, Carter Kaus, Marlee Hodges, David Shaw, Sarah Talbot and Hannah Grayson; seniors Macey Willard, Cole Hayden, Damian Ilalio, Logan Greim and Sydney Hicks; faculty members Marshall Adams, John Dotterweich and Joseph Slagle-Adams.