HSU holds virtual trivia night

Taryn Robinson, Opinions Editor

The goal of HSU’s trivia night wasn’t just to have fun, it was so that students could enjoy a school-related activity, stress-free. The HSU officers also wanted to do something that remote students could participate in as well.

Manhattan High School’s Hispanic Student Union held a virtual trivia night on Feb. 4 for HSU members and anyone that was interested in participating.

“The [officers] decided to do something fun for the students just because they know a lot of them have a lot of stress,” head sponsor Carmen Wilson said. “So they decided to do a trivia night — they came up with the questions and came up with prizes.”

The HSU officers meet monthly to plan what activities to hold for students. This month the officers decided to hold a virtual trivia night. 

“We wanted the kids to relax a little bit,” Wilson said. “We know it has been very stressful, changing from hybrid to in person. Also, they wanted to include the remote students so they decided to do it via Zoom.”

HSU currently has 80 members. A majority of those students were on the Zoom call on Thursday night along with some students who are not involved in HSU.

“We actually had a variety that was not only in HSU,” Wilson said. “We also had students who do not belong to HSU participating.”

In HSU, the club’s main goal is to not only have students of the Hispanic ethnicity be apart of the club, but for anyone of any race to be a part of it.

“I think it’s just for all of us for Manhattan High School to become one,” Wilson said. “We are just a club and we want people to come and just relax, to find a place that they belong. You don’t have to be Hispanic to be part of a Hispanic Student Union or part of any of the clubs here on my hand in high school. My goal as a sponsor is a place for them to belong, and feel safe.”

HSU plans to hold future meetings, both virtual and in-person. 

“In April, [we] are planning for a mental health meeting,” Wilson said. “They are going to be talking a lot about stress management and other issues. I know that they wanted to make perhaps [another] trivia night.”