Boys Swim places 18th at State

Anika Nyp, Staff Writer

The boys swim season has now come to an end with the hardest meet of the team, State. 

I found it went really well,” head coach Alex Brown said. “Overall, we had time drops, almost every single event, which is all that you can ask for, especially after how well we did last week. It was good to follow that up with a good meet this last Saturday.” 

This meet had been hard to get to get to but the team went above and beyond to keep all of their hard work going.

“Well, we started hitting our taper, so we continue to do fast sets but we increase the amount of rest that they receive,” Brown said. “So that way their body can start to recover from all the training that we’ve done the last few months, but still keep up the speed that we want to maintain.” 

Seniors Igor Sheshukov, Chris Bedros, Jacob Choi, Sean Hackenberg, Ethan Garren, junior Zeke Kohl, and sophomore Mitchell Bunger all attended the meet while competing in Dive, 200- yard freestyle (relay and individual) 100-yard breaststroke and freestyle, 50-yard free, 500-yard free and the 400-yard freestyle relay.   

“I think we just had a really good effort. We kept fighting, even given all like, you know, the situations we’ve had with weather delays this last week and we didn’t let those things affect us,” Brown said. “I think that’s what I was most impressed with was just our mental approach to the meats, and then obviously the times that we were having people put up lots of career paths that’s all we can really ask for.”

Two of the swimmers placed at the meet. Sheshukov got fifth in the 100-yard breast while Bunger placed seventh in the 500-yard free and broke the school record.  

“I feel really good about it. I was gunning for that last year,” Bunger said. “And I had some motivation from a past senior Zander [Say], and this year I was really going for it. That was my main goal. And then he ended up getting seventh with it too so I am ecstatic.” 

His coaches and peers had celebrated with him since no parents were allowed to spectate. 

“He swam his race, perfect, exactly how I told him I wanted to swim it, and that was the result. He placed in the top eight with that metal to place top five in the breaststrokes,” Brown said. “So that’s a really good race and that’s what we want to see.” Brown said. 

Kohl placed 26th overall in diving but had unfortunately got disqualified for doing an incorrect dive due to a miscommunication. However, that didn’t stop his teammates from supporting him in his event while showing up at 9 a.m. to cheer him on. 

“We were there for like the whole day. But it was still pretty swag time to spend time with the team for the whole day,” Bunger said.

The state meet was a big success for this tight knit team. 

“I’m so sad. It’s really bittersweet. I’m happy with how I performed, and how the season ended but I’m going to miss the team,” Bunger said. “This has been the biggest part of my life this year. And everyone on the team is like my brother and I’m going to really miss them.”