Artist of the Week : Clancy Livingston and Ted Dawdy

Lasirra Hines, Entertainment Editor

Ted Dawdy


What do you teach?

AP Statistics, Probability and Statistics, and Algebra 1

Q: How did it feel to be in Night of Scenes?

A: I enjoyed it a lot. The time commitment didn’t quite fit into my schedule, I did not make it to many practices.  I have a familiarity with stage productions. In high school I was the lead in Neil Simon’s “Fools” my junior year and was in “Murder in the Magnolias” my senior year. In junior College I played a small role in the “Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and Frank Butler in “Annie Get Your Gun”. It was actually more enjoyable than I expected when Rachael asked me if I would do it. The students in my cast made it a fun experience.

Q: Did you ever think this would be something you would do?

A: From the previous question I have done this stuff before. I wasn’t expecting the opportunity again.  When I eventually have time again I don’t think I will do community theatre as I am looking forward to signing with the Barbershop Chorus.

Q: If ever given the opportunity again, would you do it?

A: Absolutely, I enjoy the experiences to get to know kids outside the classroom.

Clancy Livingston

Q: How was the experience being in Night of Scenes?

A: It was a blast. It was so much fun. I loved getting to work with all the Thespians and see everything that goes on behind the scenes and it was awesome. 

Q: Was this something you were expecting to do?

A: No, I mean I’ve seen the One Acts before and I love them, but no I didn’t. I had no idea.

Q: Have you ever done something like this before?

A: I took one acting class in college. It’s been better than a decade now.

Q: Was there a scene you enjoyed most?

A: They were also so good. They were all amazing, I don’t think I could pick out one as being the best.

Q: If given the opportunity, would you do it again?

A: My understanding was that they just needed people to fill slots, which isn’t ideal. My hope would be that they have enough that they can be entirely student run. If it didn’t work out then yeah I would absolutely do it again.