Artist of the Week : Allie Cloyd — Freshman — Prose, POI — State Qual with Prose

Lasirra Hines, Entertainment Editor

What made you choose to do prose?

I’ve done plays and have had some acting experiences previously and I enjoyed those. I was drawn to prose because I like the idea of storytelling and it was a good, kind of short, smaller book event that I can use to learn and I feel really good about what I learned from it and how I can take that as a jumping off point for the piece I’m working on now.


What was your favorite part about constructing the prose?

We found the story, but just deciding which parts of it to focus on and crafting the story that we wanted to tell, or that it tells. Injecting emotions into it and just making it. The process of seeing the work show up. You know, it’s never very good in the beginning but as we went on it got better and I’m hoping it gets even better before I get the chance to compete with it at State.


What is the story you tell with your piece?

It’s about a 911 Operator going through a few calls, perfecting and experiencing on the way to those situations and she feels very attached to them and wishes she could help more. It’s a very reflective piece and it really centers around her and those scenarios. As it goes farther along in the piece you see her experience the weight of the situations that she handles.


Do you plan on doing it the rest of high school?

Forensics is something I could see myself doing for all four year hopefully. I’m going to try Debate next year and see how that goes. I don’t think I’ll love it as much as Forensics, but I am excited, and I can definitely see myself doing Forensics and I really enjoy it. 


Is there a possibility of you doing something similar after high school?

I’m really happy with the acting experience I have had. I’m not great at acting in plays or anything and I cannot sing to save my life so musicals never really worked out, but I think it led me to be able to do book events that I really enjoy. I just look back and I’m grateful that I did those things because they helped me in Forensics and I appreciate those experiences. I don’t know if centering on acting is something that I think I’m going to pursue.