Soccer defeats T-West 11-0

Kris Long, Sports Editor

Girls soccer finished their game against Topeka West before halftime on Tuesday, continuing their undefeated streak going into their match against Washburn Rural.

The Topeka West game gave the team’s subs a chance to get some game time in and gave the starting positions a rest before the match next week. 

“We had the starters and we probably played 15 minutes and then after that, the girls usually sub-in after us played the rest of the half,” senior Reagan Giesbrecht said. “We’ve had some tougher games where they haven’t gotten as many playing minutes, so I think it’s good for them to get time on the field. And then we let our center backs and our defenders and goalies go up and get a chance to score so it was fun for them.”

Matches usually end at 10 goals, but teams must play the full first half so MHS was able to score 11 times in 40 minutes. A hat trick from Giesbrecht, two from freshman Grace Giesbracht, two more from freshman Chole Porter, and individual goals from freshman Emery Rullifson, junior Ella Rullifson, junior Delaney Lunsway, and sophomore Taylor McHugh contributed to the team’s win. Manhattan also beat T-West 11-0 in 2019, but haven’t scored more than ten against another team before halftime. 

“I think right now, our team chemistry is really good,” Giesbrecht said. “I questioned it coming in because we have girls from a lot of different teams that play for us, but we’ve done a really good job connecting on the field and having a good time of practice where we can stay really focused but also laugh a lot, which helps.”

The girls were supposed to play Lawrence Free State on Monday, but it was cancelled due to a COVID-19 outbreak. The team hopes to work past this schedule gap and keep up their momentum against rivals Washburn Rural, who usually win the Centennial League, on Thursday. A win against Washburn will put Manhattan in a position to win the league. 

“We’re undefeated so far so I’m excited about that but we also understand that we have a target on our back now and that we have to continue to perform,” Lunsway said. “And so there is some added pressure because of that.”