Last week of school details

Cole Schmitt, Online Editor-in-Chief

With the last day of school looming in the near future, some may be uncertain of what is to come and what all needs to happen before then. For seniors, their last day of school is Thursday, May 6. For everyone else, the last day of school will be Friday, May 14.

“We’re running our first four days that week in block,” principal Michael Dorst said. “So the seniors have an even number of days and we’re not left with an odd amount of days that they have visited with their teachers. We didn’t think that’d be right.”

Dorst said that on Friday, May 7, there will be a seven-hour day for the rest of the school to make up for Wednesday. The following week will be the same as well so that students will get to make the rounds to all of their classes on the final day of school>

“[There won’t be a] half day [on the final day of school],” Dorst said. “When they looked at the school we remembered how we started the school later in the year because of the COVID concerns. They shifted some of those half days and full days and combined and moved days around, and there’s a certain requirement that we have to have.”

With everybody receiving an Apple iPad at the beginning of the year, they will need to return those soon. 

“For seniors, [they will need to return their iPads] May 6,” librarian Sarah Macumber said. “We’re going to start collecting May 3 from seniors with them getting out early and their finals and everything. We want to make sure that we get it back and so that way they can graduate and not have to think about it. For 9-12, we are looking at the 13th of May for return for IPads.”

As Macumber stated, there is a lot going on for students, especially seniors. Senior Hannah Blodgett says it’s a difficult time these next two weeks but wants to make sure she enjoys it.

“It’s definitely a little sad that high school is coming to an end for us seniors,” Blodgett said. “It’s beginning to get stressful with finals, graduation, grad parties and everything else that is happening. I hope that everything just works out well and that we all enjoy the last weeks of our senior year.”