Athlete of the Week: Reagan Giesbrecht

You’re leading the stats for the soccer team with 11 goals. How are you feeling about that so far?


I’m pretty happy with that so far. I feel like in past years, I’ve been pretty focused on stats, but this year I’ve tried to let that go. I’m really just focused on helping the team win. So, if me being up on the stats helps my team win, then that’s great. If not, then that’s okay. 


How long have you been playing soccer?


I think I started soccer around three or four. 


What do you like about soccer?


I think I really liked the relationships I’ve been able to build with teammates, coaches and also even within my family. It’s a really special game to share those types of moments with everyone. And also just the feeling after a big win, is what I really love about it.


What’s your favorite team memory?


I’ve had some really great memories this past year. I really loved when we beat Blue Valley West, that was amazing. And then also going back to my freshman and sophomore year, beating Topeka High my sophomore year was a really big game for us.