Musical Revue successful, final production this year

Brianna Carmack/Lasirra Hines, Print/Entertainment Editor

Choir and drama students collaborated in creating a variety show called the Musical Revue that occurred on April 22, 24 and 25. 

“It was a huge blessing and miracle to be able to produce the Musical Revue,” senior Nicole Savage said. “Actors, singers, and dancers sorely missed out on wonderful opportunities due to COVID.”

Auditions for the show were hosted in Rezac Auditorium on March 24-25. Rehearsals followed the auditions, leading into dress rehearsals and then the final performance during the last weekend in April. 

According to Savage, dress rehearsals were a bit chaotic. However, when actually performing, every did a fantastic job of keeping the show alive.

“Honestly, it was pretty spectacular,” Savage said. “Dress rehearsals were rough because all the acts were coming together for the first time and many techies were in new positions. But it was so much fun and everything came together for the show nights. Easily one of the best productions I’ve been a part of.”

Many people involved in Thespians, choir and other drama classes took up this opportunity to perform their best talents in front of a live audience. People were also interested in working behind the scenes as well. Sophomore Elizabeth Bean decided to give both a shot.

“[The show was] very tiring,” Bean said. “I was assistant stage manager, backstage runner, and also [had to] mic people, so on top of all that while also going on stage to perform was definitely an experience, even though it was tiring. It was very rewarding to see others have very successful sets.”

Although the Musical Revue was a smaller production, all the students were glad to even have an end-of-the-year performance.

“I’m so incredibly grateful we could run something this year even if it was a smaller production compared to past shows,” Bean said. “Having something this inclusive for new performing arts members along with overall having something to perform is amazing.”

Underclassmen are hoping to perform again next year considering how the COVID-19 pandemic affected performing arts.

“I’m really hoping to be way more involved with the performing arts,” Bean said. “My freshman year was cut short and we didn’t do much this year, so I’m hoping that next year will be back to as normal as we can make it.”

As for seniors, the show was a great and sad experience. 

“As a senior, this show was entirely bittersweet,” Savage said. “You can’t beat lightsaber fights during rehearsals, dance battles backstage, and every inside joke you create with the cast and crew. It was a wholesome and happy experience, but the entire time was laced with the realization that this was the last time I’d play Techie tag, the last time I’d do actor warm ups, and the last time I’d roll across the stage decked in camouflage, shrubbery, and a pink vest.”