Yellow Ribbon committee to partner with SADD club

Sonika Khosla, Staff Writer

Manhattan High School’s chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions will partner with the Manhattan Yellow Ribbon committee to help with suicide prevention trainings.

The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program’s goal is to spread awareness and stop the stigma around suicide while also educating others about suicidal signs to save lives. They also collaborate and partner with outside groups to further their goals, which is what championed the collaboration with our SADD club.

“SADD will work with Yellow Ribbon to do a few additional trainings,” SADD club sponsor Kari Humes said. “This isn’t new work, rather a hopeful increase in the support and education we provide to students,”.

The free trainings will be held on July 15 and Aug. 12 and 13, and all participants will receive free lunches and a Certificate of Completion.

The SADD club has incorporated suicide prevention efforts into their mission for around five years, and this partnership with the Manhattan Yellow Ribbon Committee is another step towards furthering this goal.