Senior year proves challenge

Moving from Omaha, Nebraska, to Manhattan has been nothing but surprises. For example back in Omaha it was not allowed to wear hats and hoods in school but here in Manhattan that’s all I see. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected a lot of things in the world, including my senior year. It’s been a one-of-a-kind experience that sucks but also it’ll be an interesting story to tell when I’m older.

It’ll be an interesting story to tell because I was so involved with the sports world and then everything just suddenly stopped, something that people are not going to believe. That along with being a photographer in the sports world and seeing first hand what COVID-19 did to the fan limitations at sporting event and how it affected the athletes was extremely weird. I’ve taken photos and videos of the greatest and best athletes this country has seen but not having any fans present to support them has gotten rid of the motivation and hypeness that a high school event usually brings. For some athletes, it got rid of their motivation and determination to keep pushing for a better game

I’ve talked to NBA and WNBA players as well and how they have dealt with this. They have said it’s extremely different and it feels like a pick-up game in a sense that there’s no fans and no energy to feed off of.

In my short time here, despite everything, there’s a positive outlook on it. For example, the flexibility and welcomeness for my peculiar situation; to be brand new to a school district and to be here for a month and say that I am a soon to be Manhattan Graduate — something that would live with me forever. 

Another thing I’d wish to experience is a school dance since I was never able to experience one in Nebraska. The thought of even attending one here in Kansas would be something I’d want to do but me moving here so late kind of got rid of that opportunity.

One thing that is unfortunate about me coming so late is that I did not meet anyone in my class or in the school in general. I feel that the masks didn’t help at all either — I never got to see anyone’s face. That is something I wish I could have experienced so it will be weird hearing names get called on graduation day that I have no idea who they are or when my name gets called, they will have no idea who I am either.

My advice to new kids that are moving is that if it’s at all possible, don’t do it. But if it is unavoidable, I would reach out of your comfort zone and make friends as soon as possible because graduating in a class in which you don’t know anyone, and they don’t know you, is nothing short of dull. It took a lot of convincing to want to even walk across the stage. It almost made me not want to even go and to get my diploma.