Community service projects vital to community, school and School


Eddie Bruegger, Audio Producer

Right now at Manhattan High, the junior Class Student Council is running a clothing drive and clothing sale fundraiser. Their goal is to give less fortunate members of the community an opportunity to purchase new or used clothes at a reduced price, and also raise money for the Prom in the spring, an event that students look forward to throughout the year.

Events like this clothing drive are beneficial to the community because it gives people an option for buying clothes affordably, a luxury that many people are not fortunate enough to have. At the beginning of the school year, most students buy new school supplies and new clothes. These financial requirements create a problem for some families. Not only do many students have to buy new clothes at the beginning of the year because old clothes are worn out, many teens and pre-teens are growing fast and can outgrow their clothes within the same year. Having an outlet to purchase discounted clothes may alleviate some of the stress that parents or students have when it comes to buying new clothes. Similar organizations do exist, such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill. However, having something like this hosted through the school allows students to get more involved in buying their clothes.

Running community service projects and fundraisers for the community is important. These kinds of events benefit the community, get community members involved and allow students to engage in social activities while learning important lessons. 

Community service projects and fundraisers not only benefit people, but also get people involved. Many events like this require planning and preparation in order to be successful. As junior Class Treasurer, I have experienced some of the work that goes into making these kinds of events happen. We created boxes, organized clothes, contacted people and designed advertisements to help promote the event. Getting people involved in a cause makes more people aware of the situation, and people tend to care more about something if they are devoting time and effort to it. It has always been a tradition that the junior class plans the Prom, and this event is one way that we are making that possible.

Finally, by engaging in events within their community, students have the opportunity to socialize and learn important skills along the way. When planning events such as this, participants must invest time outside of school. They learn how to do things that will be applicable later in life, such as the previously mentioned organization, advertising and contacting. Planning this clothing drive has given me opportunities over the summer to meet up with my friends in Student Council and do something meaningful.

Having events like the clothing drive and sale is vital to the community and to the school. This gives people an opportunity to be a part of something, to learn new skills and to benefit those around them.