New facilities provide practice space

Laneya Christian, Staff Writer

Manhattan High opened its new sports facilities, including a new football practice field and tennis courts, at the beginning of this school year for use by PE classes, sport teams and music practice. 

Head Coach Joe Schartz is using the new facilities for sports practices after school. 

“Last Year, every day we had to go to Bishop Stadium,” Schartz said.  “The consistency of having a field every day is something to look forward to.” 

PE teacher Kylie Corneliusen uses the new facilities for track, football and tennis.

“Well they’re brand new, easy to get to,” Corneliusen said. “It doesn’t affect me but the kids probably love not having to travel to soccer and football practice.”

The new facilities will be ready to go regardless of weather conditions because of the Astro Turf. Availability is really important when it comes to sports because the field will be ready no matter what.

“I care about the maintenance department,” Schartz said. “Now the new facilities will lessen stress on getting the field ready. And just the consistency of having fresh new space for practice.”

Students in PE classes are using the new facilities during class. It adds a space for students to practice and gives the PE department options to go outside.

“For PE my class usually walks around the field,” junior Annysia Channel said.

These new facilities will definitely add to MHS but it does have its down sides, one of them being that the field is smaller and doesn’t have enough space for field equipment. Students have said that construction would be a downside only because it’s still occurring at Manhattan HIgh.  

“Construction is still going on but hopefully it will clear up by the end of this semester,” Channel said.

Overall the experience has been positive.

“It makes the gym less congested,” Corneliusen said.

The weight room is the next step. Most PE teachers, coaches and students are excited about this addition.

“It’s heading in the right direction and could still have some work to do,” Schartz said. “It’s nice to have a field at Manhattan High.”