Girls Varsity, JV tennis compete in Manhattan Quad

Amelia Knopp, Page Editor

The Varsity and Junior Varsity girls tennis teams took second and third respectively at the only home meet of the season on Tuesday. 

On the Varsity side, the No. 1 singles player, junior Maura Wiens, left with a record of 3-0 (8-7 (4), 8-1, 8-5). According to head coach Tony Ingram, Wiens kept composure through pressure and adversity during her matches. 

“I think it was a good opportunity for Maura to step up into the one singles role and compete, and she really handled that very well,” Ingram said. “She had a really good match against Marysville’s one singles and won in a tie breaker.” 

Junior Taryn Robinson played No. 2 singles and earned a record of 2-1 (8-1, 8-6, 6-8). The No. 1 doubles team of seniors Ava Bahr and Hannah Loub had a record of 2-1 (8-2, 8-7 (4), 3-8). Finally, the No. 2 doubles pair of juniors Erin Craft and Jessica Zhang went 1-2 (8-2, 6-8, 3-8). 

On the JV side, No. 1 singles player senior Natalie Jayne went 0-3 and No. 2 singles player sophomore Gabby Turner went 1-2. The No. 1 doubles team of juniors Madison Hsu and Sophia Evangelidis went 1-2 and the No. 2 doubles team, junior Emma Thurston and sophomore Anna Wollenberg, went 2-1. 

“[The] goal was to win games, get good matches and learn from your experiences, and it was fun,” Wollenberg said. 

Since both the Varsity and JV teams competed, the girls ended up facing some of their own teammates. Ingram said that the MHS doubles pairs were consistently competitive and could beat each other on any given day. 

“It’s a good problem to have, because a lot of the girls are all right at the same skill level,” Ingram said. 

As the team progresses through its season, Wiens wants to work on enjoying the opportunities to compete. 

“I need to be able to relax and play, because yesterday I felt nervous the whole time,” Wiens said. “When I really worry about results, I don’t play well. So I just need to relax and have fun playing.”

The Varsity team will next face Junction City, Shawnee Mission East and Shawnee Mission South in the JC Quad on Monday, Sept. 20.