Freshmen StuCo emphasizes unity, friendship, student voice

Advith Natarajan, Staff Writer

The freshmen Student Council held their first official meeting after elections this past week. The council members discussed a variety of topics including fundraisers, social media presence, student voice, and social events.

“I feel like we got a really strong start,” class treasurer Raisa Hossain said. “We have a really big body of student representatives that are really enthusiastic … I’m really excited to have such a large amount of representatives because we can get a lot done.” 

The council’s goal for the school year is to foster a positive environment for all students. They are looking to accomplish this through two main objectives. First, they want to prioritize student voice. The StuCo members have already started working towards this goal by hanging QR code posters around the school that give students the opportunity to directly contact StuCo about ideas they have or problems they have noticed. 

Secondly, the council wants to host COVID-friendly get togethers and events like movie or game nights. 

“I want a healthy [environment] where everyone can feel accepted and comfortable going to school,” class president Julien Sowell said. “A friendly [environment], one that involves unity and peace versus a lot of disruption and violence, like what we have going on with the bathrooms and everything and the vandalisms.” 

Another idea discussed was the possibility of a fun introduction to the school day involving upbeat music, funny costumes or candy, to give students some energy and excitement as they enter school.

“It can be hard waking up early to go to school,” representative Ethan Xin said, “especially after the whole remote ordeal.” 

At the end of the day, freshmen StuCo’s ultimate goal is to make this year special and memorable for their peers.

“Since it’s our last year in the building, I want to end it on a high note that everyone can remember,” Sowell said. “My goal would be for everyone [to be that] when they think of their high school freshman experience [they will think] ‘I loved it’ or ‘I would do it all over again.’”