IPS returns to Camp Wood

Katelyn Jensen, Staff Writer

A total of 35 students from the Interpersonal Skills class went on a field trip to Camp Wood last Wednesday.

“It was really cool to see everyone come together as one and really grow as a whole and it was really fun,” senior Kylie Peterman said. “I enjoyed getting to know everyone a lot better and seeing everyone.”

According to Jamie Schnee, IPS teacher, the point of the annual field trip to Camp Wood is for the class members to get to know each other better. 

“Really the point … of this whole activity is to learn more about each other, and mostly really learn more about yourself,” Schnee said. “It’s kind of the point of Interpersonal Skills. We’re embracing our differences and similarities and seeing how everyone fits in the community.”

Team building activities at the camp included horseback riding, archery, a low ropes course, climbing tower and more. 

“We had team building opportunities and activities throughout the day,” Schnee said.

Schnee has gone on the Camp Wood IPS field trip nine times, first as a para educator and then as the IPS teacher. She has enjoyed the team building activities every time but said this was the best year yet. From trying things they’ve never done before to pushing themselves to get better, she thinks it’s a valuable experience. But her favorite part is the connection that comes from it. 

“Watching the kids make connections with each other and people come out of their shells. It pushes everybody out of their comfort zone,” Schnee said. “A lot of people don’t really have the opportunity to climb a 50 foot tower but it was cool to see people overcome their fears and, like yeah, just push themselves.”

After nine trips to the camp, the IPS teachers and class have the process down pat. 

“I think yesterday was perfect,” Schnee said following the trip.