Volleyball team loses against Seaman, Emporia

Taryn Robinson, Sports Editor

The Manhattan High Varsity volleyball team played Seamen and Emporia at home on Tuesday, Sept. 14. The girls fought through all of their matches, but couldn’t quite reach the win.

Against Seamen, the girls scored 11-25 in the first set, and 16-25 in the second set. In their match against Emporia, the girls scored 22-25, 25-23, and 18-25 in the last set.

“I know we did a good job of staying positive even when things weren’t going our way,” sophomore Reese Snowden said. “Then I thought our team chemistry was getting better.”

Even though the team didn’t do as well at this triangular as they would’ve hoped, the student section showed an immense amount of support towards the team.

“During our matches [last] week, the student section was super supportive,” senior Claire Shamburg said. “Their support helped us feel like we could do anything.”

Every game, set and match provides the team with new things to improve on, win or lose. In this particular triangular, the girls found that they need to work on a more aggressive hit, and take opportunities given to do so.

“I think just starting out strong and just putting the ball down,” Snowden said. “[We] just need to use good passes to set us up for a finish, along with running it fast and then getting a kill off of it.”

As a team, the general consensus is to focus on little victories and to get more wins on the board.

“[We need to work on] getting our record better and just winning,” Snowden said. “[Also], just running things faster and better and just putting the ball down.”

The Varsity girls play next on Tuesday at Topeka High, competing in a triangular against Topeka High and Topeka West.