Video production perseveres through SPC contest

Julianna Poe, Online Editor-in-Chief

Stress defined the video production team’s time at the Kansas State Fair on Wednesday. The team of five — sophomores Beau Boyles, Jackie Johnson and Ian Kastner along with juniors Xavier Campell and Hailey Vardiman — crafted a video package through interviewing, filming and editing for the KSF Student Press Corps contest.

“I think the script is very cringey, [but] it was still super fun and, I mean, cringey is always fun,” Johnson said. “I liked how the video turned out because we actually spent all day doing it and all the time [we] had to do it.”

Boyles and Campell took over the camera operations, Johnson and Vardiman filled the roles of anchors and Kastner became lead editor. The package was split into three segments. One was drawn out of an envelope, the second required a specific agriculture topic and the third was up to the group. The team covered an electrical safety demonstration, a honey producers booth and a 9/11 remembrance exhibit respectively.

“[In] video production … it’s people coming together to make something that … people care about and that’s really cool,” Campbell said. “It’s cool to feel professional.”

The time constraint put everyone on edge, according to Johnson.

“[The most difficult part was] probably editing everything together because Ian was obviously very, very stressed,” Johnson said. “The day was stressful too because we had to get everything together and submit it last minute. We submitted it … right at six.”

For both Campell and Johnson, the honey segment was their favorite part.

“[My favorite segment was] the honey segment, just because I have family … that works in honey,” Campbell said, “so it’s kind of cool to learn … what it actually takes for it to go from these insects to our plate to our mouth.”

In the next week, the team will receive their final results against the other approximately 30 schools who competed.

“[My favorite part was] spending time with some of the video people and then also lunch time because a lot of good food was there,” Boyles said. “We’ll definitely do it again.”