What do you think of the mask mandate extension?

Julianna Poe, Online Editor-in-Chief

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“I think it’s great that they extended it but I think students will continue to ignore it.” – sophomore Kate Anderson


“It’s whatever. I personally don’t want to wear a mask but it is what it is.” – senior Nathan Morrow


“I don’t mind. Wearing a mask makes me feel better about my lack of teeth and a tongue.” – senior Emmett Spaw


“I’m fine with it.” – junior Jordyn West


“Masks are the only way to protect others.” – Art teacher Rachel Fontenot


“It’s good and necessary to keep us in school.” – junior Mitchell Bunger


“Keep it, it makes sense.” – junior Parker Freeby


“I don’t mind but it’s not really making much of a difference considering no one wears their mask correctly anyway.” – sophomore Jessa Schwartz


“Horrible.” – junior Zach Jund


“I think it’s going to keep a lot of people safe and healthy. I believe that it was the right decision.” – junior Maddy McCracken


“It should be extended until the pandemic is completely over.” – senior Luca Cave