Debate places 1st at Emporia

McKayla Clark Snodgrass, Page Editor

The Manhattan High Debate team placed first overall at the Emporia High Glass Breakers Debate Invitational the weekend of Sept. 24.

“There was still a bit of a challenge there which is always fun, it makes things more interesting,” sophomore Jordyn West said.

West and sophomore Allina Dougherty placed first in the Junior Varsity Division. West and Dougherty both started their MHS debate careers competing online. Although there isn’t much [of a] difference to West, there is a slight difference in how competitions are run.

“I’d say it’s almost easier because there’s not as many technological problems and issues,” West said, “and… I just think it’s a lot easier.”

Sophomores Kate Ward and Helinna Bontrager placed third in the JV Division. The pair previously competed in last year’s season that was all online, although they were not paired together then.

“Once you kind of start a round, you don’t really think about it, you’re just debating,” Ward said. “So you don’t really have time to be nervous or really notice the differences.”

Freshmen Amylee Gil and Gabe Marichal went 1-4 in the Novice Division. Sophomore Malinda Richardson and junior Olivia Shafer went 1-4. Freshmen Kennedy Crabtree and Remingtan Hansen went 3-2. Freshman William Graff and sophomore Eli Porter went 3-2. 

Junior Elizabeth Bahlmann and sophomore Jaxon Carey placed 6th in the Novice Division. 

“It was pretty good,” Bahlmann said. “The last few matches were more challenging because they were power  matched, but we did pretty well.”

Freshmen Ethan Xin and Markus Hoehn placed third in the Novice Division. Xin has some goals for the season.

“I think [my goal is] a first place and also just learning a new skill and meeting new people,” Xin said.

Freshmen Patrick Fu and Kylie Kim placed first in the Novice Division.

“The award ceremony was definitely really, really fun to hear,” Fu said. “Especially since our school did pretty well, and we got glass pumpkins, a glass award and a glass trophy.”

The tournament rewarded the competitors with glass pumpkins of which some enjoyed.

“I think the glass pumpkins we received as a gift were way better than the metals we received,” Kim said.

Junior Joseph Semmel and freshman Salina Wang went 3-2.

“It was [my] first tournament so it was an experience,” Semmel said.

The debate team met next the weekend of Oct. 1 at Seaman High.