Junior StuCo fundraises for 2022 prom

Sarah Sheele, Staff Writer

The Junior Student Council held a Thrift Store Pop Up on Saturday, Sept. 25, from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Manhattan High School gym. They have been collecting clothing donations over the past few weeks to prepare for the event. 

“If people were apprehensive of buying second hand clothes,” Junior Class President Ava Reese said. “We had Nike, American Eagle, Old Navy and many more, all in great condition.” 

This fundraiser hopes to raise money for the 2022 prom. 

“The outcome was decent, bringing in $270, which was a little less then what I hoped for,” Reese said. “Next time I’m going to put more of an effort to promote it with the community.”

The students had fun raising money and felt they were supporting a good cause.

“Our fundraiser was a fun way to raise money for prom,” StuCo rep Kathryn Borthwick said, “and we get to give back to the community with the clothes that have been donated to us over the past weeks.” 

Junior StuCo is continuing to raise money for Prom with concession stands at football games, and volunteers can still sign up for shifts.