Women’s March welcomes women, trans, non-binary people to feel safe


Antonio Combs, Photographer

There are many different things to say about Saturday’s Women’s March in Aggieville’s Triangle Park, just as there are many things to know about women’s rights. I think that a woman should have the right to do whatever they want. Non-binary and transgender people should not have to feel as though they are in danger. There should be no reason that people should have to feel that way. There are reasons that they don’t feel safe in this world and that is because they don’t feel welcomed sometimes and it is upsetting. No one should feel nor think that they are unwelcome. Nobody should be afraid to be themselves and everyone should feel welcome and safe within the society. They should feel like they are at home where they are safe. 

That’s why Oct. 1 was set aside for the local version of the national Women’s March to show women, trans and non-binary people they are welcome in the world and should feel safe.

The march included a demonstration with signs and chanting as well as speakers to motivate the crowd to understand everyone should feel welcome. 

There are lots of ways to show people that they are loved and cared for, and participation in events like the Women’s March is one of them. It’s a wonderful start to being part of something that is good for people and leads to positive change in the world.

Things like this march make people feel better about themselves. We all want somebody there to love and care for them. Not only do participants in the march feel good about themselves, but it helps others feel good, too. Sticking together on issues like this and not backing down from what we stand for can make someone feel better during their struggle and show them that people do care.

Writing about this issue allows me to tell people about the importance of the Women’s March and inform them about the issues women, non-binary and trans people face. If there are people who disagree, then they are the ones who need the information the most, so they can be educated on the situation and understand that restricting bodily autonomy and controlling the bodies of people with a uterus is immoral and unjust.

Things like that is just what makes me feel better about myself to be honest because I don’t have to worry about what other people think of me — no one should. Life is better just that way. Things could be so much better if everybody would just love everybody for who they are, not only if they fit a narrow idea of “normal.” Not everyone fits that idea of “normal. As a matter of fact,  I think nobody’s normal. I think everybody’s got problems or they’re weird in their own ways.