Why you shouldn’t make a big deal out of everything


Beau Boyles, Video Production

Making a big deal about everything in the world is sometimes the worst thing to do. It’s good to be involved in the world and your community, but you shouldn’t spend all your time upset over something that can be out of your control. An increasing amount of people are depressed nowadays, and one of the reasons is because people are so caught in everything going on. From time to time, the best thing is to just space yourself out and not be so stressed out with everything, because you only have so much control over what happens in the world. 

If you watch the news you are almost guaranteed to see it has some sort of politics, or opinionated twist behind it. You never tend to see good news, it always ends up being dark and gloomy, just showing everything bad around you. Within this bad news, you will see some good news, but it is outweighed by all the bad things you will see. Sure your community and world events are important, but you can’t always try and fix everything all the time.

In everything that happens in this world, someone is always going to be unhappy and have a different opinion than you with whatever happens, and that’s okay. I personally believe in the quote “something good comes out of everything,” and that you can apply it to everything in life that comes your way. Life isn’t meant to be easy, but you can make it easier on yourself, by giving yourself a rest every now and then.

Life doesn’t always go your way either, so do you want to keep going down that path of gloominess? I say no, because I like to be happy and sometimes focus on my own business. You can’t always expect everything to be perfect and always be what you want, yet some people have set the expectation of  “Everything will go the way i want it to.” There are people who focus on nothing at all, there are people who focus on only everything going on, and then there are people who are right in-between those. Any of those is okay, but being right in-between, you’ll get the joys of life with being happy, and also the fulfillment of still being involved.

As I said, making a big deal about everything is sometimes the worst thing to do, so take a break from time to time. Take a minute to enjoy the little things, spend some time with friends and family, go outside and be happy.