What is your favorite safety week drill and why?

Julianna Poe, Online Editor-in-Chief

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“Fire, we get to go outside and miss class.” — freshman Andrew Hutchinson


“Tornado drill, it reminds me of the war.” — senior Emmett Spaw


“My favorite safety drill is when I run around and scream like a small child.” — junior Tyson Karl


“Lock down because you get to stop working.”— freshman Kaylee Kabriel


“Evacuation, it takes the longest.” — freshman Michael Jund


“Secure campus because we just lock the doors and keep going.” — sophomore Gabrielle Herzog


“Lock down, my class normally gets to run.” — sophomore Aylani Barron


“Fire drill because we have to evacuate school.” — senior Halle Gaul


“Lock down because it’s like [a] big game of hide and seek.” — senior Bentley Murrell