Lunch lines are too long


Gunner Preston, Photographer

As I finally hear the school bell ring and everyone gets up from class to go to lunch, I pack my bag and go to the door to leave class. I head to second lunch now, walking from class to the cafeteria, only to see the lunch lines backed up to where people sit for lunch. I was annoyed but dealt with it and waited. The line moved so slow that when I finally got my food, I only had three minutes to eat it. I rushed to a seat and devoured my food. 

That is what happened to me last Tuesday. It is becoming a big issue, and there isn’t much discussion as to why.

One problem the school lunch lines being way too long  is that students have to stress about getting to the lunch lines to make sure they have enough time to eat. That is a problem because lunch is a time where students can goof off, relax, eat and talk with friends, not a time where people have to worry about getting food and stress over having enough time to eat. If they stress over not having time to eat, they don’t focus on class and are more concerned about getting lunch than class. If they don’t eat at all, they are hungry throughout the school day and can’t focus at all.

Students are having to rush to the school lunch lines to make sure to have enough time to eat lunch. I have seen students run through the hallways to make sure they are first in line and have enough time to eat. Lunch shouldn’t be a rush to see who can get lunch first. Lunch shouldn’t be a game to see who gets lunch first and who doesn’t, it should be a time to calm your mind and restore your energy.  

I suggest we add back the third lunch from last year of school as a temporary solution to the problem. When the freshmen move to West campus permanently I suggest adding a third lunch line or even a fourth lunch line if the third lunch line is not enough. One of the lunch lines could be placed at the concession stand area. Even if there isn’t a fourth one, the third lunch line would be extremely beneficial in ensuring that students can get lunch and have time to eat.

During school lunches, the lunch lines being too long is a big issue. Students that don’t rush to get to the lunch line or get in the back of the line have no time to eat. There is a possibility that lunch is the only meal students will receive, and if the lines are too long and they can’t get some in time to eat, it will only cause negative effects on the students, which can decrease their productivity and make them want to complete school work.