How old is too old to trick-or-treat, and why?

Julianna Poe, Online Editor-in-Chief

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“Never too old. You stop trick-or-treating when you die.” — senior Rachael Kovar


“When you’re old enough to beat up other kids and steal their candy.” — junior Elizabeth Bean


“Never, I don’t have a costume but I will go out and beg for candy.” — junior Tyson Karl


“Never, because free candy.” — sophomore Charlotte Chilton


“Up until sixth grade because after that I think most people think costumes are lame.” — freshman Advith Natarajan


“Never, getting free candy is always ok.” — freshman Kailey Hibbs


“104.” — sophomore Kate Anderson


‘No age limit. Never too old to have fun. Plus free candy.” — freshman Bobbie Camario


“There shouldn’t be a limit, people should be allowed to have fun no matter their age.” — senior Luca Cave


“Never, I take things from other people’s houses all the time, candy shouldn’t be an exception.” — junior Parker Freeby


“Never too old, candy is for life.” — sophomore Gabrielle Herzog


“Never.” — sophomore Andrew Hutchinson


“I don’t think you can be too old, like maybe 100 is too old. But everyone should have fun.” — junior Madelyn McCracken


“You are never too old.” — freshman Markus Hoehn