Cheer participates in cheer showcase


Julianna Poe

Junior Kaylee Kurman beams at the judges at the cheer showcase in Hays on Saturday. The MHS stunt group received Division I for their performance. Photo by Julianna Poe

Laneya Christian, Staff Writer

Last Saturday  Manhattan High Cheerleaders went to a showcase competition in Hays. Their showcase was originally supposed to go to Louisburg.

“They didn’t have enough people for the event to continue,”  senior Bella Lane said.

They were expected to be at the school by 5:40 a.m. to attend the competition.

“We all had to have our makeup and hair done before going to Hays,” junior Kaylee Kurman said.

Practices are originally an hour after regular practices. For the competition team, there’s an extra hour added, which has been like that so far in the school year. 

“After the JV cheerleaders for the football season ended practice became 2 ½ hours,” Lane said.

Overall the team did very well. They were up against mostly smaller teams such as 3A, 4A and 5A schools. 

“I wish we had gone to Washburn Rural High School,” Lane said. “They hold a similar event which lets the younger kids see who they actually compete against.”

The whole experience was very fun. They bonded during practice and before showtime which helped with their performance.

“My favorite part was being a part of the competition stunt group,” Lane said.

From each team, one stunt group was picked. Each stunt group came in early and had 30 minutes before actual team practice started.

“It was our own separate routine that we had to practice extra for as a group,” Kurman said. “We had only 30 minutes to learn the routine and really get it, which was nerve-racking.”

As a team, this competition was their best full out they had the entire season. 

“We all put a ton of effort into this competition,” Lane said.

The competition team received Division 1 Best Overall Performance and their stunt group received Division 1 as well.

“I wasn’t surprised that we did because we were going against smaller schools,” Lane said. “I think it helped the younger girls get a feel of what to expect performance-wise when we go to state.”  Kurman and Lane had the opportunity of being a part of the stunt group for this competition.

“I wasn’t originally supposed to be a part of it but due to circumstances I was asked to step in,” Lane said. 

As a flyer in the stunt routine, the pressure is on. When a stunt doesn’t hit people usually will blame the flyer because they are the main part of the stunt.

“I feel like I’m getting better and better,” Kurman said. “It just takes a lot more experience.”

This next competition for high school cheer is on Nov. 20 at the Stormont Vail Event Center.

“My goal is to place higher than we have in past competitions and to have upcoming practices strengthen the younger girls for State,” Lane said.