Is Christmas music appropriate this time of year, why or why not?

Julianna Poe, Online Editor-in-Chief

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“Yes, Mariah Carey has already defrosted.”  sophomore Katie McCracken


“Yes, because it’s basically Christmas.” — sophomore Megan Henry


“Christmas music is always appropriate, there are also no Thanksgiving songs.” — sophomore Gabrielle Herzog


“Yes, Christmas music is always appropriate.” — sophomore Jordyn West


“Not yet. We need to kill all of the turkeys before we sing happy little Christmas carols.” — senior Rachael Kovar


“If I have to hear one millisecond of Mariah Carey, I’m going berserk.” — senior Emmett Spaw


“Yes, because it always is appropriate.” — senior JP Scheele


“No, every time I hear Christmas music it reminds me of the war.” — junior Elizabeth Bean


“If it makes you happy, I say go for it.” — CTE teacher Kristen Hopkins


“When the stores put in Christmas stuff, that’s the time to listen to Christmas music.” freshman Bobbie Camario


“No. Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet.” — senior Bella Lane


“No, because Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, you got to wait [until] after Thanksgiving.” — sophomore Dylan Jacklovich


“No, because I still want to enjoy fall.” — senior Meredith Graves


“No, we have another holiday to get to before Christmas.” — sophomore Charlotte Chilton


“Yes, Mariah Carey is defrosting, and it’s time for us to begin annually honoring her.” — senior Ava Mae


“I don’t care if you like it, you can listen to it in my opinion.” — freshman Michael Jund


“Yes, it is the best cure for seasonal depression.” — junior Grace Bannister


“No, wait until after Thanksgiving.” — junior Neo Kim


“Yes, holiday music is always appropriate, I personally start listening in June.” — senior Rachel Edie


“It’s appropriate whenever you want, Christmas music goes hard.” — sophomore Andrew Hutchinson


“Yes, but that goes for any time of year.” — senior Heidi Hansen


“No. It is still fall, I would like to enjoy fall without Mariah Carey.” — sophomore Kate Anderson


“Mariah Carey is already starting to defrost. But I think after Thanksgiving is when Christmas is good.” — junior Madelyn McCracken


“Yes. It’s appropriate [by] the first cold day of fall.” — sophomore Lucas Holdren


“No, Mariah Carey eat your heart out.” — junior Parker Freeby


“No, it is November … If you are playing Christmas music you’re mentally ill.” junior Emma Markley