Interact Club maintains trees

Eddie Bruegger, Audio Producer

Over the weekend, members of the MHS Interact Club met at the Northeast Community Park to follow up on some trees that they had planted in the past. This is part of an ongoing project that the Interact Club has been teaming up with the Environmental Club to work on. 

“It’s cool … to just get people out here from Environmental Club and Interact Club,” Interact Club vice president Allie Cloyd, sophomore, said.

At the park, members of the Interact Club tended to trees that they had planted earlier to help protect them from deer. The deer will often come by and eat the tops of the trees, which can prevent the trees from growing to their full height. To prevent this, club members added cages and support rods for the trees to help prepare them for the future. 

The work of the Interact Club and Environmental Club has added many trees along the path at the park. Both clubs plan to continue working to maintain these trees and plant more. 

“It is nice to see the change over a span of time,” Interact Club president Eszter Chikan, senior, said. “We can come back and see the progress, like the trees that we helped, like how they grew.”