Michelle McCormick speaks to SASV on healthy relationships

Avery Snider, Staff Writer

Healthy relationships have many different implications, and unhealthy relationships come in many forms, according to Michelle McCormick, director of Victim Services at the Kansas Attorney General’s Office.

Last Monday, Nov. 29, members of Students Against Sexual Violence club gathered after school to listen in on a zoom presentation given by McCormick. Students asked McCormick questions through the video call. A full classroom of attendees learned the aspects of healthy relationships, including signs of abuse, how abuse is brought about in the relationship and how to detect abuse in your own life. Members could see real-life stories of unhealthy relationships through video testimonies of victims and visuals of the cycle of violence among victims of abuse.

Stacy Tidmore, teacher and director of SASV, discussed the importance of healthy relationships among younger high school students.

“[Healthy relationships] are important so we grow up treating people well,” Tidmore said. 

This is SASV’s third year at Manhattan High. Meetings are held every two weeks, and meetings are open to all students wanting to be more involved.

“[Healthy relations] allow us to enjoy good relationships with people,” Tidmore said.