Additional lunch option provides a user-friendly lunch


Anna Wollenberg, Staff Writer

The issue of school lunch is always being brought up, whether it is the taste, or the wait, or something else. Students are always talking about lunch time. 

Many students bring their own lunch to avoid eating our school lunch, and junior and senior students have the option to go out and eat. But what if we added a fourth option to our lunch time by having a food vendor come by school? This option would allow students more time to eat lunch, give students another option for lunch and provide another income opportunity for the school or our clubs.

Students are always rushing around, whether it be for due dates on a certain paper or during passing periods to each class. We shouldn’t have to rush our lunch too. The lunch lines are always so long. If you don’t want to wait, you can go to last 10 minutes of lunch and get your lunch quickly.  Some students are tired of waiting for lunch so they go eat lunch somewhere else. When students are leaving they run the risk of being late to their next class seeing as lunch is only 35 minutes long. Students leaving in such a rush also run the risk of getting in an accident, and we have no real way of keeping track of all the students who leave during lunch nor do we have well-regulated rules for the students who aren’t allowed to leave. Our school could provide an alternative food option by bringing in a food vendor one or more days a week. This would keep some students from leaving the campus because they would have that alternative food option right at school.

Not all students have cars. Leavening school during lunch is just not an opportunity for everyone. It is quite possible that the student may not like the school lunch options, so by bringing in a vendor they would have the opportunity to choose a different lunch option. 

Our school can gain money by splitting profits with the school vendor. The vendors that come to the school, such as Chick-fil-A or Chipotle, could set up a space in our school such as the Alumni Conference Room to sell their food. Students would then have this new option for lunch. Different clubs could sponsor the vendor each week and get a portion of the profits. The vendor could keep a portion of the money and the club could keep the other portion. The clubs could put this money back into their program. Or the school could sponsor the vendor and a portion of the money could go back into the academics, supporting both the community and the school, similar to the dine-out programs in our elementary and middle school. 

As students we would benefit from the fourth lunch option by saving us time during our lunch not having to rush back and forth. More students have the option of lunch outside of school. And funds from the vendors would allow us to give back to the clubs that we are involved in or provide another source of income to the school.