Choir performs in holiday parade

Taryn Robinson, Sports Editor

The Manhattan High School choir participated in a festive event on Friday.

“The Chamber Choir and a few other members of other choirs joined us at Triangle Park in Aggieville to sing Christmas carols to all the families and kids after the parade,” senior Max Bowyer said.

At this event, there was one big challenge that these choirs faced that they don’t normally face: their normal director, Chad Pape, wasn’t there to direct them.

“It was a little bit harder than usual because we didn’t have Mr. Pape in attendance with us,” Bowyer said. “So that [made it] a little more difficult but luckily one of the seniors and leaders of the choir, C.J. Hewins, conducted us during the event.”

Despite this disadvantage, the choir still sang for those who attended the parade.

“It went well. I think the families really enjoyed our performance. We did have a few [moments that were scary, but it all turned out just fine],” Bowyer said.

The MHS choir will have more events before the end of the school year, and some just in time for the holidays. Pape has some planned right after school gets out next week, and the chamber along with the other choirs have a concert on Dec. 16 in Rezac auditorium.