What are your best tips to lower stress?

Julianna Poe, Online Editor-in-Chief

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“Going on a walk.” – senior Anthony Belin


“Play ‘Destiny,’ become exponentially more stressed, turn off the game, go to sleep.” – sophomore Aidan Starling


“No idea, I’m still trying to figure that out.” – senior Nathan Morrow


“Just don’t be stressed.” – junior Madelyn McCracken


“Sleep.” – freshman Grayson Allemon


“Meditation.” – freshman Advith Natarajan


“Stop caring so much. It’s ok to be apathetic sometimes, just don’t be so apathetic you get more stressed.” – senior Bella Lane


“I have a simple one-step solution. Step one: curl up into a ball and cry.” – senior Emmett Spaw


“Quit school.” – freshman Brynn Chua


“Slam your head against the table.” – senior Nathan Mullins Jr.


“Bro, if you just [don’t] think about stress you won’t be stressed.” – junior Tyson Karl


“Deleting Canvas off my phone. What I don’t know can’t hurt me.” – junior Elizabeth Bean


“Listen to music, write down all the things you need to accomplish, and then organize by the amount of time they take.” – freshman Raisa Hossain


“Taking a warm bath in apple cider vinegar.” – senior Deeshana Nilaweera


“Lowkey either crying or eating. There’s no in between.” – sophomore Gabrielle Herzog

“Do the homework before it piles up.” – freshman Bobbie Camario