Why discipline has gone too far


Katelyn Jensen, Staff Writer

It’s perfectly ok to want your kid to be safe, but to keep them from experiencing what it is like to be a teenager and not letting them make mistakes and learn from them as a teenager is wrong.

Sometimes when kids have to go home to strict parents, it stresses them out with school, homework and just making the right decision just to make them happy. Who wants to worry like that all the time? Parents can stress students out about their grades by being strict. Some kids need to work at their own pace. It’s fine if the assignment is late – better done late and turned in than lost somewhere and missing.

Maybe someday parents will learn that keeping their kids locked inside and not letting them go anywhere and taking their phones away is hurting them more than it is hurting their kids. The parents are the ones who have to listen to their kids complain all the time about being bored.

When parents get mad at their children for not doing something a certain way, or how they like it, it just adds more stress for students. Kids at school are stressed out all the time cause their parents are so strict. Why do parents think taking away kids’ social media as a disciplinary action is ok? What if there is an emergency? How will they contact their parents?

I think parents should not take social media or send their kids to their rooms. What exactly are students learning from their parents taking away their kids’ social media? Nothing, because taking away their kids’ social media is like saying, “Here, if you get in an accident, you can’t contact me because I took your socials away.” Sending a kid to their room is like, “here, you can sit in your room and think about what you did” when obviously their kids can sit on the couch with everyone else and still do the exact same thing.

The main thing I wonder is why parents have so many rules, like having a time limit on their kids’ phones? I get the fact that when the student comes home, they should do their chores, but disciplining their kids for not doing their chores makes students stressed.

Parents should be supportive and helpful with their kids’ decisions. They can put their input on the decision students are making but they don’t need to try to tell students, “I will be disappointed in you if you make this decision,” because then that puts more pressure on their kids to make that decision. When parents can learn not having so many rules is ok, then parents and students will all be less stressed.

I get that you have to earn trust, but exactly how are kids supposed to earn trust if parents never give their kids a chance?