Show entertainers more respect


Daequan Joines, Photographer

Do you ever just hate a streamer or celebrity for a small thing they’ve done? Even if you dislike them because they said something like your favorite football team is bad, you might hate them for that for a little bit but you still watch them just so if something happens you can be there to laugh at them.

Even if you think you hate them for that reason, you probably still watch them, just so if something happens you can be there to laugh at them. It’s a little mean, but you stay interested in them even if something happens that makes you think you don’t like them.

Celebrities are there to entertain us, even when we turn on them because we get let down by something in their performance. We should think about how we treat the people who entertain us, though. What if, when an athlete or performer disappoints you, you actually treat them like you want them to keep doing what they do to entertain you? Instead of sending them hate by posting a bad clip or something, try and hype them up. If you send them too much disrespect even though you still like them, they can just leave and go entertain someone else some other way. 

Entertainers chose to entertain us because they like doing it, and they just got big that way, like becoming a famous comedian or a streamer. If they can entertain you just think about how many people they can do the same for — a whole different community that is more chill or easy going.

Last week at a Toronto Argonauts football game a situation with fans turned into a fight when a fan from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats spit a mouthful of beer at an Argonauts player coming off the field. Police ended up removing two fans who they said allegedly jumped a barricade and attempted to fight the players. That’s going too far. 

Entertainers can be anyone. It can be your brother, your family all together, a game you like, it can even be your pet. We need those entertainers in our lives. Now just imagine your favorite entertainer leaves or quits because of something fans have done. Then what? Are you going to find another entertainer, or maybe pick up something that they’ve done to remind you of why you like them in the first place and wish they were still around?

I feel like if we don’t get mad at the smallest things or the something they have done we can keep entertainers doing what they do for us. Even if it seems like you can bond with someone by complaining about the bad moments with an entertainer, sometimes you need to be for real and not play around so that the performer doesn’t give up on what they do.  

So maybe the next time your favorite entertainer does something you don’t like or you disagree with, find a better way to respond instead of doing something that makes them give up on entertaining us.