Fogle reflects on NFL experience

Laneya Christian, Staff Writer

Before becoming one of the comprehensive counselors at MHS, DeShawn Fogle played in the National Football League. 

“I started playing football in ninth grade,” Fogle said. “Throughout college and my little time spent in the NFL I would probably say around ten years.” 

During his high school football career Fogle played in Germany due to his dad being in the military. After this, however, Folge played a year just down the road at Chapman High School. 

“As a senior in high school I was invited to the Kansas Shrine Bowl,” Fogle said. “That was a huge memorable moment in my football career.”

He later went on to Kansas State University and played football for Coach Bill Snyder, then moved to professional football. 

“I spent over a year and a half in the NFL playing for the Philadelphia Eagles,” he said.

Fogel didn’t have dreams of being in the NFL or doing anything impressive. 

“I wanted to play football to hang out with my friends,” Fogle said. “I wanted to hang out with all my buddies who were playing football.”

Football taught Fogle a lot of things on and off the football field as well. 

“One of the biggest things is to not set any limits on yourself,” Fogle said. “You would be surprised as you’re playing football, lifting weights and doing all the things that your body and mind can accomplish.”

On the football field you never know what the offense and defense is going to do. From Fogle’s experience it’s best to react by relaxing and managing those moments on and off the field.  

“The ability to not panic during certain situations,” Fogle said. “On the football field things are hectic and crazy so not panicking helps the people around me.”

For football players or any athlete it’s important to try to be better than the day you were before. 

“To be better doesn’t require a big jump,” Fogle said. “That could be remembering a play, taking a step a certain way or throwing the ball a certain way. Just be better than you were the day before you stepped on a field or court.”

Throughout Fogle’s football experience, he hasn’t regretted any moment of it. 

“Having the opportunity to play the game and be around some of the people I’ve been around you learn a lot,” Fogle said. “It has built me and created me to the person I am now and is probably the best thing that has ever happened.”