Debate competes at the Flint Hills Tournament

McKayla Clark Snodgrass, Page Editor

The Manhattan High Debate team competed with some students getting close to qualifying for the National tournament at the Flint Hills National Qualifying Tournament.

The team consisted of mainly freshmen and a few other first year competitors.

“It was a really good showing from the team,” head coach Mac Phrommany said. 

Freshman Jamen Trojcak and sophomore Jaxon Carey went 2-3. Freshmen Patrick Fu and Kylie Kim made it to the quarterfinals, being only two wins away from nationally qualifying. Freshmen Remingtan Hansen and Kennedy Crabtree went 3-4. Freshmen Ethan Xin and Mian Zhao went 4-4, making it to the eighth round of the tournament.

“We are all thoroughly exhausted,” Phrommany said. “You know, a three day tournament is not something we participate in often. It’s not something that happens often but we are a mix of tired and thoroughly happy to see how well things turned out for us.”

Debate will meet next at the 4-Speaker Regional Tournament at Derby.