Dance competes in Varsity regional

Kris Long, Print Editor-in-Chief

The Manhattan High dance team participated in a varsity regional competition in The Innovative Dance Classic Wichita in at Newton High on Saturday, becoming the first MHS dance team to compete in a Varsity-level tournament. 

The girls competed in solo, duet, and group dances during the classic. They earned a choreography award for their group Pom routine and were chosen to perform again at the end of the competition. They earned awards in three out of their four group dances — Division I scores in Hip Hop and Pom and a Division II score in Jazz.  

“It was great,” freshman Rachel Palmgren said. “Our coach has been amazing introducing us to new opportunities and experiences this year. This is our first competition ever so everyone is super excited. And we wanted to put in a lot of hard work and effort so that we would do [well].”

For solos, the team had three all-around soloists: sophomores Samantha Allman and Scarlett Mercado as well as freshman Rachel Palmgren.

“It was really fun,” Palmgren said. “I always get super nervous for my solos, so I was really nervous when I was doing it. And then when they actually called the awards, I was really happy that me and a couple of my friends got that 90 points and above award.”