Community members protest at East Campus

Julianna Poe, Online Editor-in-Chief

East Campus students were greeted on Thursday morning by two community members who were passing out pamphlets with anti-abortion information, parading an image supporting their cause and protesting through an amplification device.

The community members were located on the northeast side of East Campus near the main entrance, just off of 9th Street and Poyntz, and engaged with students before school was in session. Freshman principal David Holloway escorted students into the building once aware of the situation. Building principal Michael Dorst met with the individuals to express his concerns.

“I engaged the two individuals in conversation and provided perspective and suggestions on how the students were experiencing their interactions and how it could be done in a more palatable and caring way,” Dorst wrote in an email to East Campus families.

The Riley County Police Department was informed of the event and determined, according to Dorst, the community members “were within the rights that they are afforded.”

“This was unfortunate and I’m sorry that this happened,” Dorst wrote. “We will continue to work closely with RCPD in future events to make sure outside individuals do not exceed their allowed rights.”