StuCo hosts spring blood drive

McKayla Clark Snodgrass, Page Editor

Student Council hosted their Blood Drive in the north gym from nine a.m. to two p.m.. The event occurs twice a year. This blood drive was the smallest they’ve had.

“The blood drive was a collaboration with [the] Red Cross and they came in and set up all their equipment,” StuCo president Ella Ruliffson, senior, said.

There were 58 slots; however, not everyone would be able to donate due to the screening process. There were 36 successful donations.

“Not that many people donate blood as I know most people are…scared of it,” junior Ash Ring said. “So I [donated] blood because I don’t need the blood [and] because I know there’s not many [donors] in Manhattan.”

Ring suspects the reason people are afraid to give blood is the idea of seeing blood and getting nauseous. Another reason, according to Ring, is medical concerns that may limit the ability to donate blood.

Overall, the blood drive went well.

“I think it went pretty well,” Ruliffson said. “At first, we were struggling to get people to sign up but usually it fills up pretty fast.”

With the donations, several lives can be saved.

“It isn’t just the blood because sometimes it is the platelets from the blood but it can go on to save lives based on their donations,” StuCo sponsor Leslie Campbell said.

Ring believes that donating blood is a good way of giving back to the community.

“If you can’t donate money or if there isn’t anything else you can give, blood is usually something that you can give to donate and help other people out,” Ring said, “if you’re healthy and if you don’t, if you aren’t…scared of the process. I think it’s just something that you can do for the community that doesn’t really affect you other than… the 12 hour recovery period.”