FCCLA attends leadership conference

Laneya Christian, Staff Writer

It’s been nine years since Manhattan High has had a competitor in the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America leadership conference, and senior Kirra Facey, gold medal winner, will be advancing to the National Leadership Conference on June 29 through July 3 in San Diego, California.

“It felt great to finish with gold,” Facey said. “It’s my senior year so getting to go to nationals is very exciting and I can’t wait.”

FCCLA sponsor Heide Rippert took Facey and junior Connor Andresen to the conference in Wichita at the Marriott Hotel and the Century II Performing Arts Center on April 3-5. Some MHS students help judge the STAR events, which are competitive events that students across the state compete in. The students had to qualify at their district to compete in State. 

“Kirra and Connor competed in culinary, baking and pastry,” Rippert said. “Those were just State events so they didn’t have to qualify at district.”

Andresen finished with silver competing in the culinary competition. 

“I made sauteed chicken with a sauce, mashed potatoes and zucchini in an hour,” Andresen said. 

This competition was individual, unlike the Prostart competition where they competed as a team.

“During the competition I competed in the baking competition,” Facey said. “I was assigned to make scones, eclairs and decorate a cake in two hours.”

Aside from the competition, the leadership conference included lessons on leadership and community service. The students talked about working with advisors to be active in their communities and also heard some words from a keynote speaker.

“It was good to represent MHS and it was a good way to work on my time management and confidence,” Andresen said. “I got around 88 and a half points out of 100, which is pretty good.”

The whole focus of FCCLA is family oriented and helps strengthen bonds with family and friends and perseverance.

“Seeing the students rise to the occasion in competitions is always my favorite part of events,” Rippert said. “They did their absolute best in sharing their skills during the competition.”