Politicians compromising is step in right direction

Editorial Board

During the week of Sept. 12, Sen. Lindsey Graham proposed a national 15-week abortion ban. This ban would allow legal abortions up to 15weeks of pregnancy, with exceptions for abortions needed due to rape, incest, or harm caused to the life and health of mother. 

Abortion will always be a hot topic and one that we may never fully agree on. With the overturn of Roe v. Wade in late June, tensions have risen. Roe v. Wade was a Supreme Court case that protected women’s rights to privacy and abortion. The overturn caused an uproar, as the rights of women were being questioned and in some cases no longer guaranteed. 

The Mentor Editorial staff agree that while we have varying viewpoints, we are happy to see compromise starting to happen. 

There will never be a time when everyone agrees or sees a controversial topic in the same light. Nonetheless it is important for politicians and everyone else to start listening and coming up with compromises like the one proposed by Graham. There is no perfect solution but the 15-week proposed ban offers some of what both sides want to see happen. 

The biggest issue will be seeing if this will bring our politicians closer to a solution or will they become even more divided. Either way, having one proposed plan that is a compromise will hopefully lead to more. 

The editorial staff of the Manhattan Student Media feels that compromise is the right way to see things. It is also important that we know what is happening as a lot of us are reaching the age where we can vote, and having a good understanding of what our leaders and politicians are doing is good for decisions we will have to make in the future. 

Whether you like it or not abortion  is a topic that will affect all of our lives in one way or another and seeing compromises is a step in the right direction.


This editorial is a compilation from a discussion by the MHS Student Media editorial board. To listen to the conversation that led to this piece, visit MHSMentor.com/multimedia