The athletic and activity Budget: explained

Advith Natarajan, Staff Writer

As the fall sports season begins, events and activities face decisions about how to fund their programs. 

As you would expect, budgeting for the numerous sports and activities offered at Manhattan High is complex. The activity and athletic budget for Manhattan High comprises of two main factors: the base budget and fundraising. According to Principal Michael Dorst, the base budget for a program is determined through cooperation between the coach for that program and the athletic/activities director. 

“There’s so much that each, either activity or for or athletic group gets on a yearly basis to fund different things,” Dorst said. “Then the coaches work with either the activity director or the athletic director to develop that budget and stay within the budget.”

Along with the base budget, sports and activities are encouraged to hold fundraisers to support additional needs. In most cases this is done through volunteering, selling coupons and food items. 

Dorst also mentioned the importance of sports and activity teams having parent groups to help support fundraisers among other benefits. 

“A lot of times we will see within a given week, different teams or activity groups receiving a meal or pregame meal or people going into different people’s homes for a meal before a cross country meet or a Saturday volleyball game,” Dorst said. “A lot of what you’re seeing is purchased through a parent support group for that specific team or activity group.”

Sports and activity teams are able to conduct fundraisers as they wish, as long as they are approved by the athletic or activities director. 

“We approve the overwhelming majority of the fundraising ideas,” Dorst said. “The only reason we would say ‘go back and redesign [the fundraiser]’ is if it is not following proper accounting practices.”

Ultimately, aside from the base budget, sports and activity teams have the authority to hold fundraisers and create parent support groups to fit their needs.