HSU kickoff for the year

Laneya Christian, Senior Staff Writer

The Hispanic Student Union hosted an ice cream social on Sept.7. The club put on this event to bring together and welcome the newest members.

“I want to put [HSU’s] name out there,” secretary Dayami Castillo, junior, said. “I want to make people know that Hispanic Student Union is out there and deserves to be heard.” 

To bring awareness to hispanic culture the Spanish Club is helping HSU promote National Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month. 

“This Sept. 15-Oct. 15 is Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month so we are planning activities,” Castillo said,”as well as getting together to have fun.”

Spanish Club president Eli Conley,senior, is taking steps in hopes of building up the numbers in the Spanish club. Vice president Claire Crocker, senior, wants to grow both clubs and help the sponsor and leaders of HSU with future events.

“It’s exciting to see everyone interact with one another, which has been nice,” Conley said. “It’s great that we were able to pick up some freshmen from East [campus] to share this experience together.”

HSU plans to have a bonfire at Tuttle Creek State Park and plan more activities and events for the future. HSU is going to the Hispanic American Leadership Organization conference on Oct. 4.